Your lawyer in Toulouse communicates in English


You don’t speak french?  Imme KRÜGER counsels you in english.
The law firm is located in the center of TOULOUSE:
22, allées Forain-François Verdier
Phone: +33 9 72 38 78 37
Mobile: +33 6 34 44 41 40
Fax: +33 9 72 38 78 65
Email :
Subway : Line B, station „François Verdier“
Car park Carnot / car park Saint-Etienne
Please call to make an appointment.


The core competencies of Imme KRÜGER lie in the fields of family law and criminal law.

Criminal law

Have you been victim of a crime? Imme KRÜGER helps you placing a demand for a penalty.
Have you been charged with a crime? Contact Imme KRÜGER as soon as the problem arises. She is at your disposal at every police station and every court to protect your rights.

All fields of criminal law are covered:
Common crimes e.g. manslaughter, murder, robbery, assault and battery, fraud, thievery, property damage
Drug related crimes e.g. possession, drug trafficking, drug production
Sexual crimes e.g. rape, sexual assault, procuration, illegal possession of pornographic content (e.g. via internet)
Criminal law for young offenders
Computer / Internet crimes
Traffic violations and driving offences e.g. driving without (a valid) license, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Appeal, accessory prosecution
Representation in extradition cases
Execution of a sentence

Family law

Separation and divorce settlement agreements
Alimony during separation / alimony after divorce
Child support
Custody and right of access
Pension rights adjustment
Measures according to the protection against violence act
Children’s rights and child abduction